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Aluminum alloy of Slide platform linear module

Slide platform linear module

Applicaton: Automatic welding, cutting, engraving, 3D printing, SMT machine and other light automatic equipment; The actuator can be driven by the servo motor

Material: Aluminum Alloy 6063-T6

Slide stroke: Customized

The module width: 100m

Sealing type: Whole closed-form

Driving type: Servo motor or stepping motor

Features introduction: 1. The body of Slide platform linear module 6063-T6is oxidized by class II (MIL-a 8625),with pleasing appearance and strong corrosion resistance

2. Servo motor or step motor mounting interface can be customized according to customers’ needs. Currently, HCFA touch screen +PLC+ servo drive + servo motor drive mode is recommended, or as customers requirements.

3.Guide rail and lead screw are lubricated with high temperature grease, smooth operation and low noise

4.Connecting bolts are made of stainless steel bolts, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance;

5.The maximum speed of the sliding platform is 30m/min, and the stepless speed adjustment of 0-30m/min can be realized

6. The sliding platform module is easy to disassemble and maintain, and with strong versatility

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